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Why Select Mean Stack Development?

mean stack development

In this digital era, every entrepreneur is eyeing the online platform for using it. As an entrepreneur, you require a special stack of software to create a robust web app. This stack should reduce development time and streamline resources. Many developers around the world are not relying on using only one development technology. They are using a stack consisting of many technologies. Thus, MEAN stack development is increasing with time as developers are using this technology at a massive scale.


There are many benefits of using this special software stack for a business. Therefore, there is a noticeable spike in the demand for a MEAN stack developer. Before we learn more about the importance of the MEAN stack, let’s look at its meaning and know more about it.


What is Mean Stack?


A set of tools to build remarkable and dynamic web applications. MEAN stack is also known for creating complex app development projects on a pre-defined budget. With this stack, the MEAN stack development process will improve dramatically. All developers are using this great software stack development strategy to enhance the MEAN stack web development process.


mean stack development


This is an open-source software stack for web app developers and has 4 components. Its framework includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.JS components. Using these components requires perfect MEAN stack development training. This stack includes the use of the JavaScript programming language that runs on various tiers of web & app.


Why should I choose MEAN Stack Development?


Now, we need to look at the importance of MEAN stack development for a business and why students should know this skill.


Includes Low Cost


MEAN stack is a unique software stack for developing the best software. As a result, a majority of businesses are using this stack for developing robust web apps. It uses JavaScript language on both the front-end and back-end, which makes it extremely flexible with other projects.


Moreover, this unique stack is also famous as it does not require the use of more developers. However, using similar technologies might require a large number of developers. This is good news for students as they can master MEAN stack developer skills. It is open-source as all its components are free to use.


Exorbitant Flexibility


Developing web apps through this stack, a MEAN stack developer will enjoy the flexibility feature. Using this noteworthy stack is beneficial as it allows adding new aspects to these web apps is easy and quick. Apart from this, a developer can easily test the application on a cloud platform after developing it.


A student or aspirant can choose to learn MEAN stack development as many IT companies are using this special stack. One of the main reasons behind the higher usage of MEAN stack web development is the exclusive flexibility feature.


A Higher Speed with Reusability


Every MEAN stack developer can cherish the higher speed of the web app development process. The special node.js runtime environment is a non-blocking architecture. It always makes sure that the web application development process remains high in speed.


However, the reusability feature is also important for an IT company. Using AngularJS adds the app reusability feature to any app developed with MEAN stack. A MEAN stack developer is using this feature to enormously increase the speed of an app development process.


Provide a Simple Solution


A MEAN stack developer can develop simple web applications using the open-source feature. Using this stack doesn’t demand you to know the advanced features. Therefore, businesses are investing heavily in getting MEAN stack developers.


It is simple to use as one of its components is Node.JS which has a massive library. A student only needs to have good MEAN stack development training, and he can become a master in using this stack. Another added advantage is its open-source feature and compatibility with the cloud.


Easily Change the Client-Side and Server-Side Errors


Proper usage of MEAN stack web development makes it easier for developers to seamlessly change between the client side and server side. This switch between servers becomes very easy with the state-of-the-art technology of this software stack.


As a MEAN stack developer, a student can easily and effectively perform this task with the MEAN stack. This exclusive stack uses a common programming language: JavaScript. No developer is required to use any separate server-side tools as Node.JS is itself a web server.


However, other benefits of using the MEAN stack web development process are given here:


  1. Build Robust and Simple apps with this technology.
  2. Assist in the process of developing web apps rapidly.
  3. MEAN has JavaScript, which is 100% free to use.
  4. This special stack software makes a low memory footprint.
  5. This stack contributes significantly to keeping the app organized.
  6. No need to do the groundwork that is not necessary.
  7. Transfer codes of one framework to another easily.


Questions You Ask About the MEAN stack!


What is MEAN stack development?


MEAN stack is a combination of JavaScript frameworks for developing web apps. It is an abbreviation for MongoDB, Node.JS, AngularJS, and ExpressJS. All its components make it easy to use the web application. To learn its development, getting the MEAN stack development training is necessary.


What is the MEAN stack used for?


MEAN stack is the JS-based framework for developing web applications. It is used for the development and maintenance of web applications. It is useful in creating an impressive web app by getting proper MEAN stack development training. This web stack is helpful in making the codes transferable and reusable.


What is the Mean stack in software?


MEAN stack is one of the famous software stacks. It is helpful in creating the best and most helpful web and mobile applications. MEAN is named after MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, which have layers of the technology stack.


What is the difference between full-stack and MEAN stack?


Full-stack is a group of programming languages and tools for a developer. It helps in handling both the front-end and back-end of a website. On the other hand, the MEAN stack is a full-stack framework consisting of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Its main function is the development of exclusive web apps.


What is the salary of a MEAN stack developer in India?


In India, MEAN stack is one of the reputed professions. The MEAN stack developer salary starts from 2.4 LPA. However, it can go up to 12 LPA for the experienced candidate. Here, the average salary of this developer is 4.2 LPA. You can also get a high-salary job by learning MEAN stack development from CodeSquadz.




From the benefits and answers to common questions, it is easy to decipher that MEAN Stack technology is growing rapidly. Many IT companies are using MEAN stack development for the development of cutting-edge web applications. However, it is still a developing technology, but many leading businesses are already using this special software stack.


If you want to learn MEAN stack web development to become an adept developer, learn it by getting proper MEAN stack development training. You can contact CodeSquadz to effectively learn the usage of this excellent software stack.




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