About CodeSquadz

CodeSquadz is an outstanding educational institute committed to providing Education Towards Excellence! We offer various professional courses in the IT field to kick-start the careers of our students. Here, we provide quality education to impart all relevant concepts to students. In addition, we allow them to explore their career and initiate it by having strong theoretical knowledge in the relevant field. Moreover, practical learning will enable them to become proficient in using that service.

Thus, with an object-oriented principle, a dynamic instructor's and a well-versed Java expert. Willing to provide online training courses encouraging students to participate and perform some code challenges during his knowledgeable lectures.

Founded by our director, Mr. Chandrakant Agrawal, CodeSquadz boasts of a world-class learning platform for coding education. Thus, our mission is to continuously evolve with the changing dynamics of the technological world to transform learners into promising professionals under the guidance of Mr. Manish Bhatia.



To provide extensive quality assurance leading your business to the next level. As an esteemed educational leader in the development industry, we are willing to diversify the digital world and educational sector by training the beginners and make them extremely professional. CodeSquadz has served more than a decade in educational industry, now our aim is to elevate the career of programming aspirants.


We are willing to train coding aspirants to become professionals with 12+ years of experience in educational training in programming and eLearning software development services. So, get the chance to work with us on world-class latest technologies like IoT, Blockchain, web app development, AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, cross-platform, AWS Server Package, etc.

We have a robust collaboration with the most significant technical giants. As a result, a highly qualified and skilled squad of 200+ professionals are ready to train and share their experience gained throughout their corporate careers. We are best at making our trainees an avid master of development and ready for a professional career.

Journey of Mr. Manish Bhatia

Mr. Manish Bhatia is a renowned JAVA consultant working at CodeSquadz. He has an experience of more than 20 years in teaching professional courses. Many of his students have become successful in their professional life and become shining stars in the IT industry. He owns every mandatory skill to become a great teacher and show a path to success for learners. He is adept in his field and knows how to make a student become a true professional.In the early days of his career, he started teaching professional courses in 1998 and became head of the department (JAVA) in one of the reputed institutes where he served almost 15 years. In that tenure, he trained many students and turned them to be job-ready in the IT industry.At present, he is working as a JAVA consultant in CodeSquadz and acting as a pillar to make many students get trained to be job-ready. He is providing professional education to all of them by providing industrial training to the students .