Don’t struggle to make your IT career in today’s competitive times. Join our world-class Python training program and study under the guidance of Tanay Kishore Mishra (Industry expert with 25+ years of experience). Fast-forward your IT career with the crucial skills of using the Python programming language. This training focuses on improving your skills to build a website or application to analyze data, build machine learning (ML), and program software. Get this training at an affordable price and secure a Python development job with new-age skills.


Our Python training is special as it enables anyone’s career to become successful. You will get this training from a seasoned expert that will help to enhance your Python skills and make you ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Through this training, you will get a certificate of completion, an opportunity to work on live projects, and access to the study material. This Python training has the following beneficial features.


  1. Learn new-age Python development skills from an industry expert.
  2. Clarify your doubts through our dedicated doubt resolution sessions.
  3. Get an opportunity to learn online or offline through our Python development program.
  4. Receive a certificate after completing this training program from CodeSquadz.


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