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CodeSquadz is a premium institute offering professional education to many students. Any aspirant will get JAVA (Core, Advance, or Core with Advance), Full-Stack, and Spring Boot & Microservices education here. In addition, students will also get proper industrial training in 6 months and 6 week internship in JAVA. CodeSquadz is working on adding wings to all its students and letting them fly to become true professionals. As a result, our students are attaining higher positions in the IT industry and achieving various milestones rapidly.

Mr. Manish Bhatia (JAVA Consultant) has more than 20+ years of experience in teaching JAVA. He has the required expertise and knows how to shape the future of any aspirant. We are a leading JAVA training company in Noida providing professional education to all students with a practical approach to learning complex concepts and mastering them. Apart from our exceptional education system, we provide it at a very competitive price. This makes everyone attend our best JAVA Online/ Offline classes and get the necessary education and skills. As a result, many join our courses to make us the best Java Training IT Company in India famous for its job-oriented approach to teaching all students.

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CodeSquadz introducing the best courses pioneered as an amalgam of best tech stack and programming languages, rapidly boosts your career in development industry.








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CodeSquadz is a premium institute well-known for the job-oriented training we offer. We are one of the most prominent institutes operating with a massive capacity. Operating as the best JAVA training company in Noida, we have expertise in making the career of a student and turning him to become a valuable asset of the IT industry. Are you looking to get education in JAVA field and explore more about it? Get it from the Industry expert Manish Bhatia Sir (Co-founder & JAVA Consultant at CodeSquadz). CodeSquadz provides that to every student using world-class education. Some of the crucial benefits of Joining CodeSquadz to complete the professional courses are given below.

We offer Internship on Live Projects

Why Selecting CodeSquadz is a great choice?

There is a huge ruckus among students where to enroll to get professional JAVA Training along with proper education. They are searching for a perfect, the Best JAVA Training Company that will help them to boost their current skills. It is necessary for them to choose the special company that will help them get the best-in-class education. This is one of the best institutes providing JAVA Course in Noida.

Choosing this institute to finish your JAVA Training is one of the best decisions. CodeSquadz is a well-known institute to get expertise in using the JAVA programming language. Undoubtedly, this institute is helpful in providing for every student who enrolls in our programs.

You can accelerate your career with 100% placement support. You can assure growth in your IT career using the assured placement. This is the Best JAVA Training IT Company in India reputed for providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge to all its students. Thus, we can term AppSquadz Software a great institute providing helpful education. With us, you will obtain the proper education that will enhance the quality of your professional life.

Here's what we offer!


20+ Yrs. Industry Experience


Trained Students 50000+


Corporate Training


100% Success Rate


100% Job Assistance

Our Approach

CodeSquadz is the Best JAVA Training Company in India runs with a vision to provide quality and valuable education to all. Our excellent Online JAVA Training courses are available across India. Anyone can join our highly-specialised courses and become adept at using JAVA. Instead of earning money, CodeSquadz gives you a chance to get JAVA Training by Manish Bhatia. This training helps them to become an expert who adds value in any organization with its JAVA skills.

We do not stop at only providing the education you require to finish our special JAVA Courses in Noida. Instead, we focus on providing you with the best-in-class Online JAVA Training. This training is provided under the guidance of Mr. Manish Bhatia sir.

He holds an experience of more than 20 years in providing quality education to all students. We allow you to study under his guidance, this makes us the Best JAVA Training Company in India. The incredible teaching by the industry expert will help you to get hands-on and personalised learning through interactive live sessions during the Online JAVA Training program.

In addition, our placement support is also helpful in landing you a job according to your eligibility and knowledge. We are the Best JAVA Training Company in India and well-known for providing placement opportunities to all our students. In addition, our JAVA Training program will assist you in getting the necessary skills of JAVA and crack the job interview to get placed without any problem.

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Handsome Salary Package

Training by Mr. Manish Bhatia

Assured Placement Support

Placement Success Rate 95%

Our Alumni work in Top Companies


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