Angular Js

The rising demand among students to be an adept IT professional with relevant skills led to higher enrollments in the IT training programs. Students prefer technical courses to get started with learning, and one of the preferred training is AngularJS. 


CodeSquadz, an IT training institute, brings you AngularJS training that enhances your skills to that level where you get to transform your ideas into creating the best experiences through developing interactive web applications.


The AngularJS training is provided by industry expert, Tanay Kishore Misra, who holds more than 25 years of experience. Additionally, the framework of AngularJS is structured in a manner where you engage with the training program effectively. The mentioned concepts, directives, controllers, data binding, services & dependency injection, routing, filters, forms & validation, directives communications, testing, and others are taught in the training program.


CodeSquadz ensures you get to level up your skills through the below mentioned facilities:


  • Online/ Offline sessions for students’ ease. 
  • Live projects for hands-on experience & practical understanding of the AngularJS concepts. 
  • Required study resources, including PDFs, video tutorials, documentation, assignments, hands-on exercises, lecture slides, etc. 
  • Specific sessions for doubts & queries. 

Get consultation directly from our industry experts, and enroll yourself in the AngularJS training provided by CodeSquadz.