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Undeniably, JAVA is one of the most important programming languages in the world. Its importance can be ascertained only through the point that millions of businesses are using it at a massive scale. They implement it correctly to enhance the online operations of its resources. Therefore, it is mandatory to complete the Best JAVA Training in Meerut and become a successful IT official. The best thing is that you do not need to have a special qualification to enroll in this course at Meerut. Any student with MCA, BCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, and any other technical course can join this special training program.

About JAVA Course

CodeSquadz offers Java internship program with certificate. This language was discovered by Sun Microsystems in 1995 to develop a marvelous online resource. This is a general-purpose language that increases its utility by many times. In addition, this is an object-oriented language as it can be built using data and code. You can get knowledge of this special programming language by joining our best online Java training in Meerut. It will help you become an apple of the eye of every technical recruiter. They will hire you once they know about your significant skills in JAVA.

JAVA Course Training Syllabus

In our special course of JAVA Training in Meerut, learn JAVA and its important concepts. You can find the detailed syllabus of JAVA from the following important points:

  • Introduction to JAVA
  • Language Fundamentals
  • Flow Controls
  • OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming System)
  • Packages and Arrays
  • String Handling and Garbage Collection
  • AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit)
  • Multi-Threading
  • Networking & Reflection
  • Advance Topics
  • Advance Threading
  • JAVA Platform Module System
  • J2EE and JDBC
  • Servlet, JSP, AJAX and JSON
  • Web Services (JAX-WS)
  • Rest Full Services (JAX-RS)
  • Mail API, XML, and Design Patterns

For additional details about our JAVA course syllabus, get in touch with our officials to know more about our Best JAVA Training in Delhi or Meerut.


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