Graphic Designing And Video Editing

If you have got the creative angle to design and attract the masses, CodeSquadz is the best platform to turn your ideas into the best visual appearance through well-crafted graphics and awe-inspiring videos. The graphic designing and video editing training is designed in such a manner where practical learnings are provided through software and tools. 

The challenge in the industry is to fulfill the requirement of companies with compelling creatives & graphics. Therefore, it becomes important to become more creative in designing graphics that make you market-ready. Hence, we bring you a complete roadmap of becoming prompt in video creation, editing, and graphic designing where our expert faculties will guide you through every step of the way. In our integrated training, you get to:


  1. Understand video formats and techniques to master editing tools and create video masterpieces.
  2. Design captivating motion graphics and visually stunning videos. 
  3. Upskill with practical & real-life industry projects that enhance your creativity and skills.  

Check out the below-mentioned program for Video Editing & Graphic Designing. Enroll in our career-ready training for becoming an expert in the industry