How to Become an Android Developer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Android is one of the popular mobile operating systems developed by Google in 2008. Over the years, this language has acquired popularity with a significant demand for an Android developer. These Android applications can work seamlessly and provide a unique experience to the users. It involves developing an app with

Why Android OS is More Popular Among Developers?

Android is a popular operating system and has a 70% share of the mobile OS market. Most developers choose Android over any other operating system. Moreover, it provides an amazing experience to all its end-users which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Although, you need appropriate Android

Top 7 Reasons for Learning Android App Development

Presently, there is a notable jump in the usage of android applications in this world. Billions of smartphone users are present in the world, and this number is rising rapidly. Among them, a majority of these users operate smartphones having an Android OS. Therefore, it is vital to Learn Android