Why Android OS is More Popular Among Developers?

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Android is a popular operating system and has a 70% share of the mobile OS market. Most developers choose Android over any other operating system. Moreover, it provides an amazing experience to all its end-users which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Although, you need appropriate Android training to become a successful Android developer. However, there is another reason which tells us why Android OS is popular amongst developers the convenience of using it.


Today, businesses of all sizes, before beginning the process of developing an application, try to choose which feature is best. Undoubtedly, they choose the Android OS for building any application. Every business uses the Android operating system to enhance its sales by promoting its product or service over this operating system.


Undoubtedly, active Android OS users have increased dramatically in the past few years. Thus, it is always important to learn and master Android for anyone looking to build a career as an Android developer. This platform permits all its developers to develop Android apps which are Java based. Therefore, Java training is also necessary to successfully develop Android apps. Many libraries of JAVA are supported in Android.


The following points will help you to know why Android is famous among the developer community:


  1. Open Source Android OS
  2. More Businesses Are Using Android
  3. Easy To Learn And Offer Great Job Opportunities
  4. Lower App Development Cost
  5. Compatible With Other Devices

Now, let’s learn in detail why Android is a popular choice among the developer community and why to learn it.


Open Source Android OS


Indeed, Android is a revolutionary Linux-based mobile OS that is an open-source technology that is available for free. It makes developers pay no licensing fee for creating an application that runs perfectly on the Android OS. Any changes done in the source code are available to all, which provides freedom to the developers and makes Android app development easier.


Although, you still need to undergo great Android training to master all the skills necessary for developing a great application. Android developers can cherish the fact that developing an Android application does not require any cost. Therefore, this mobile app OS is popular among all developers in the current digital age. Use this feature to build effective Android apps and start adding value to organizations of all sizes to build a helpful application.


More Businesses Are Using Android


Today, many businesses are using the Android operating system for the development of great applications. More businesses are using it because the Android apps are always efficacious for them. Improving the ROI is a notable point that attracts many businesses to use Android development. Due to the worldwide increase in the number of Android users, businesses are continuously using Android OS. 


Developers are noting this down and are inclined more towards mastering & developing Android applications. Android has more than 70% market share in mobile app development. Therefore, they require Android and Java training so they can build a great application for the Android OS. Businesses, EdTech Platforms, NPOs, Government Institutes, and other businesses of all sizes use Android OS to get a large user base.


Easy To Learn And Offer Great Job Opportunities


The development of Android apps is key for capturing an important portion of the mobile market. This enhances the revenue generation capability of a business in 2022. Developers enjoy the easy-to-learn feature of Android that gives them the advantage of learning the basics of this operating system quickly. Moreover, they can master advanced skills in the development of Android OS. Various institutes and online coaching platforms are providing Android internship to become adept at developing Android applications worldwide.


In addition, Android OS also gives more job opportunities to all Android developers in 2022. This deems to be one of the main reasons for the popularity of Android app development. Currently, many businesses are eyeing hiring the best talent in Android app development. Indeed, it is pivotal for the growth of a business of all sizes.

Lower App Development Cost


Developing an application that is compatible with Android OS is always beneficial for a developer because it is free and easy to develop. Undoubtedly, it is a quick and simple process to develop an Android application for 2022 by any business. Completing it is ideal for any business as there is no need to invest a heavy amount in developing an Android application.


Therefore, developing an application that is compatible with the Android OS is valuable for any business. It has created a great demand among developers to hone their Android development skills. They can do this using the Android training to sharpen their skills and make an impactful application. The low cost of developing Android OS adds more benefits to it for a business to get the best ROI.


Compatible With Other Devices


Android applications are ruling the mobile OS market due to their feature of providing more compatibility with other devices. Android devices are always more compatible with other devices, which improves their performance for various end-users. This, in turn, improves the revenue for a business of any size. Compatibility means that you can have any Android device and can integrate with any other device easily or without making any special effort.


To build a compatible and effective Android application, you need to learn it to complete the Java training program along with the Android training. It is one of the best features that makes Android OS more popular among developers.



Enrolling in any Android app development course will help you to become an expert developer of the Android application. You can prepare to enter the Android app development industry by building this application. However, you need to remember that Android mobile OS is not that easy. For this, an ideal way is to get Android training from a certified institute. CodeSquadz is one of the leading institutions to take training in Android application development. Here, you will learn this from the best faculty and get adequate skills in Android application development.

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