Android Weekend Batch

Currently, there is a huge demand in the IT industry to have developers with a specialty in Android. Today, everyone is present online, and businesses have to reach them on the same platform. They can easily attain it using our unique Android Course Training. IT officials having proficiency in using Android technology can develop and maintain Android apps. This is one of the most important skills that every company wants.


This excellent course will help to enhance the Android skills you are willing to use. Our Android Certification Course will help you land an incredible job having this speciality. This will help you boost the current skills of Android technology and let you become an expert from the initial or intermediate stage. Do you know the best thing? Our special Android internship is available for all at a nominal fee.

What is Android Technology?

At present, there are more than 2.5 billion android users around the globe. Therefore, many businesses want Android professionals to grab this giant market share. Android technology was primarily developed for touchscreen devices in the early 2000. Presently, Android internship is open to everyone, whether they are developers or designers. To master this technology, complete the Android App Training Course we provide to BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, and other students of the technical field.

Things Covered Under our Android Training Course

Many students or aspirants willing to join our course want to know our curriculum first. The Android Course Training in Noida we offer includes the following topics.


Android Training Course Syllabus


Week 1


  • JAVA (Introduction, Overview, and Installation)
  • JAVA Basic Variable, Data Type, and Control Statement
  • Naming Convention, Constructor, Interface, and Abstract Class


Week 2


  • OOPS Concept
  • JAVA String and String Builder
  • Exception Handling


Week 3


  • Multi-threading
  • JAVA Collections
  • Introduction to JAVA
  • Android System with Architecture


Week 4


  • Setup Android Environment
  • Android Application Versions
  • Building Blocks of Android Apps


Week 5


  • Intents
  • Work with JAVA Activity
  • Activity Lifecycle


Week 6


  • Fragments
  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Make Android UI


Week 7


  • Material Design Toolbar and Tab Layout
  • Recycler View and Card View
  • Android Annotations


Week 8

  • Android Storage
  • Shared Preference

Week 9


  • Web Services and Passing
  • Database in Android


Week 10


  • Introduction to SQLite
  • SQLite Open Helper Class


Week 11

  • Database Insert
  • Third-Party Library
  • Async Task


Week 12

  • Android Storage
  • Shared Preference
  • Firebase Components
  • Android Design Pattern

For additional details, kindly download our detailed Android Training Course Syllabus.

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You will Get:

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