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Indeed, Internships are a vital factor in kick-starting your career, especially in the IT field. Thus, many students are keen on looking for opportunities helpful to push their careers towards success. But, the major hurdle is the lack of presence of good opportunities. And these students end up obtaining internship that is irrelevant to the profile in which they are looking to make their career. The primary cause of this issue is the incapability of major educational institutes as they only provide education. But, the days of worries are long gone as AppSquadz Education (AWS certified) has taken the initiative of providing substantial 6-week internship training at the payment of a reasonable price. Here is the good news: the collaboration between AppSquadz Education and Mr. Manish Bhatia offers all our students to obtain an internship in Java with live projects having a duration of 6 weeks. This internship will help all our students kick-start their careers and get ready to face real-time challenges. This is vital to ensure the professional growth of your career without any obstacles. 


What is Java (Core and Advance)?

Java is a programming language used on a wide scale as it is a high-level & object-oriented language. It was originally discovered by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is a secured programming language used at a robust level by developers. This language is wide and can be learned by bifurcating that into two significant portions [Core Java (JESE) and Advance Java (JEE)]. Now, let us take a closer look and know these terminologies in detail. Core Java (J2SE) represents basic concepts of Java programming. This version of Java is simple to understand and enables any developer to build effective versions of Java. Advance Java (JEE) is also vital as advanced technology is used for developing online applications. Here, database connectivity, networking, web services, servlet, and other major digital things can be used.

List of other important technologies you will learn!

With Java (Core and Advance), a student will learn the following Java-based technologies and apply them successfully to boost a career.

  1. Hibernate. It is another remarkable framework of Java which is a perfect object-relational mapping tool for this programming language (Java). It facilitates a developer from manual handling through lightweight programming codes.
  2. AJAX. AJAX is one of the main and new technologies to build effective and faster web apps. It boosts a web page to retrieve data without leaving any impact on the existing page.
  3. JPA. Java Persistence API is the specification of Java that allows all its developers to use the mapping facility to manage data in Java apps, but it does not perform operations automatically.
  4. AWS. Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a newer technology used by many businesses. It helps in streaming services, and this internship program will help you to step into the AWS world using this technology.

All these technologies will be taught to you by Mr. Manish Bhatia to become proficient in using this technology correctly and grow your career.

Major tools you are going to use


  1. Basecamp. Project Management and Team Communication tool available online.
  2. Balsamiq. A web-based UI designing tool to create wireframing software providing the cloud facility.
  3. Figma. It is the online tool used for graphics editing and interactive user interface designing.
  4. Jira. Jira Software is an agile tool for completing the project management designs for your teams.


All these tools are covered under your internship program, and you will master them under the guidance of Mr. Manish Bhatia. He holds a great experience of 20+ years as a coach in providing professional training to various students and working professionals.

What will you gain from this 6-week internship program?


This internship will be fruitful for you as you will learn notable skills that are essential for any IT professional to know, especially Java developers. Following are the valuable learnings you will attain via this internship program.


  1. Server Setup (Linux Machine).
  2. Database Setup (Linux Machine).
  3. Basic Command(s) of Linux.
  4. Secure Shell (SSH) to Linux Machine.
  5. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to Linux Machine.
  6. Launching server on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  7. The Connection between Database and Server.
  8. Configure Lambda to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  9. GitHub Repository Setup.
  10. CI/CD Jenkins Setup.

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You will Get:

  • Live Project Training
  • Problem Solving Session
  • IT Company Exp. Certificate
  • Knowledge of AWS
  • Placement Assistance
  • 24x7 Support

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