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C++ vs Java: Key differences, similarities and benefits

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Currently, a lot of students want to become programmers and flourish in this era of digitization. However, they are indecisive in selecting between the two major programming languages. But, we are here to help them to find a suitable way out of confusion with our guide about C++ vs Java. Although many take admission to get Java training or coaching in C++. Both Java and C++ are big names in the world of programming languages. These are robust programming languages popular for their wide applications.


One of the basic differences between C++ and Java is their application. C++ is useful for lower-level programming. On the contrary, Java is used for higher-level programming. Learning these programming languages will help you have a bankable and secure IT career. Additionally, where all of you can learn these programming languages?


Before that, let’s look at what Java and C++ programming languages are.


What is Java?


Java is a high-level and object-oriented programming language having 1995 as its foundation year. It is a faster, more secure, and more reliable programming language with a broad application. It is a simple yet effective language, and anyone can learn it from a Java training institute by providing less effort. Many platforms have applications built using Java, including mobile and desktop.


What is C++?


C++ is a programming language developed in 1983 and is useful for developing websites and applications. It gives all programmers additional control over their resources. C++ is the world’s most popular programming language, with millions of users worldwide. This programming language works perfectly when it is used to develop low-level applications in 2022.


C++ and Java: What are the similarities?


Both C++ and Java are similar programming languages in terms of various features. These languages are helpful for the programming of various apps, operating systems, browsers, and websites. The codes of these programming languages used here are so similar that it is confusing for some to find a difference.


Learning these programming languages is quite simple. They have the same data types having many of the same keywords. Moreover, the complexity of learning Java and C++ also has a similar level. They have a similar syntax, i.e., the method in which it is written is comparable.


To know more about it, consider the following points:


  1. Both these programming languages are object-oriented that use both code and data.
  2. Program execution of these languages starts from the main function, which means the ‘Main’ function is the entry point of these languages.
  3. The primitive data types of both C++ and Java are similar.
  4. Comments and syntax of C++ and Java are completely identical.
  5. The conditional statements and loops are similar between both of them.
  6. The arithmetic and relational operators are also the same for both these programming languages.
  7. Both of them have multi-threaded support and pretty similar areas of application.


C++ and Java: What are the key differences?

Java and C++ are outstanding programming languages that are completely reliable, secure, and affordable to learn and use. Instead of being similar, there are many differences in using both these programming languages. To choose the best one for your career, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of its differences. Below are some of the significant differences between using C++ and Java:


  1. Java is a platform-independent programming language and only needs compilation once. Java is platform dependent and requires compilation every time and on every platform.
  2. Java programming language has built-in support for the comments. On the contrary, C++ doesn’t have any kind of support for the documentation comments.
  3. The source code of Java always uses file names as classes. But, the source code of C++ does not use file names. This is a considerable difference between these two programming languages.
  4. C++ helps build operating systems (OS), desktop apps, browsers, machine learning libraries & embedded database systems, and Java is used to develop app servers, web & mobile apps, enterprise applications, and gaming software.
  5. Java is a memory-safe language, and it is completely system-controlled. However, C++ is not a memory-safe programming language which is quite beneficial for a developer.
  6. Java programming language doesn’t support inheritance. But C++ always supports multiple inheritances.
  7. Java is an entirely portable programming language that runs on any given platform. On the other hand, C++ is not a portable programming language.
  8. C++ always provides vital support to pointers. It is contrary to Java which always gives limited support for all the pointers.
  9. In Java, no support is provided to the unions and structures. But, there is support for both unions and structures in the C++ programming language.
  10. C++ always supports both calls by value and calls by reference. But, there is only a call by value in Java and no call by reference.


What are the benefits of C++ and Java?

Moreover, both C++ and Java have some notable benefits. Every programmer gets a lot of benefits when they use these robust and reliable programming languages. To get additional details about it, get more advantages that are given here:


  1. Java and C++ are completely easy to learn, so it is simple to write and compile their code.
  2. Strong support is provided for reusability by these programming languages.
  3. Providing high security is one of the best features both these languages support.
  4. These languages also endorse the multi-threading of any program.
  5. C++ and Java are valuable for a business as both are affordable.



After reading a detailed comparison of both Java and C++, we can conclude that both of them are essential in the IT industry of India. However, there can still be confusion among many students to choose a single programming language. Although, most of them select Java as the programming language to step into this constantly changing digital world.


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