MEAN STACK Weekend Batch

Presently, millions of internet users use web applications daily to finish their work. IT companies are aware of this, and they are developing simple yet robust apps daily. The humongous scale of digitization has increased the use of MEAN stack for building cloud-based powerful apps. Students or aspirants want to acquire skills to use the MEAN stack without any problem. They can get admission to one of the best IT companies for the MEAN stack training Course and learn the use of the MEAN stack development. This stack is a JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications.


MEAN stack is the set of various technologies, including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. This framework has its usage for developing apps with these four key technologies. You can learn this crucial skill from an industry expert at CodeSquadz. This will help you to get a high-paying job in one of the eminent companies.

Features of MEAN STACK Online Training

Following are the special features offered by our MEAN stack course  to all candidates:


  1. CodeSquadz is a renowned institute that offers MEAN stack online training through industry experts.

  2. A dedicated placement team to ensure you get placed in one of the best organizations as per the necessary skills.

  3. Training on live projects of an IT company to enhance your skills in the MEAN stack.

  4. Get a certificate that has global recognition and use that for applying for various jobs asking for MEAN & MERN Stack development skills.

  5. Always use an easy and simple approach to learn from the expert teacher to complete your MEAN stack course in Noida.

Syllabus of MEAN STACK Training

The MEAN Stack Training program of CodeSquadz was designed by industry experts. This course focuses on making you job-ready with the MEAN stack skills. You can know more about the topics we cover through the syllabus as given below:


  1. Introduction to MEAN stack

  2. JAVAscript (ES-5 and ES-6)

  3. TypeScript and GitHub

  4. Introduction to Angular

  5. Environment Setup and Modules

  6. Components, Templates, Pipes

  7. Routing and Custom Directives

  8. Asynchronous Operations

  9. Services and Lifecycle Hooks

  10. Communication Between Components

  11. Angular Testing and 3rd Party Modules

  12. NodeJS - Introduction, and Modules

  13. ExpressJS, Introduction and Setup

  14. Routing, Middleware, Temporary Engines, ExpressJS Security

  15. MongoDB, with its introduction and CRUD Operations

  16. Deployment of MEAN Application

To get additional details about our MEAN stack course, you should either visit our website regularly or get in touch with our officials by dialling 78-79-33-22-11.

Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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You will Get:

  • Live Project Training
  • Problem Solving Session
  • IT Company Exp. Certificate
  • Knowledge of AWS
  • Placement Assistance
  • 24x7 Support