Will JAVA Programming Stay in the Future?

Java Programming

JAVA has been with us since its development in the mid-90s.  This is a popular language that is known for its flexibility. JAVA can be used on a larger scale.  In fact, its usage will grow substantially in the near future. Do you know the most important thing about JAVA? It can coexist with other programming languages. This will help the JAVA programming language to stay for many years to come and will never fade away. Thus, learning this language is important, which is possible through the best JAVA institute in Noida, CodeSquadz. JAVA is also very easy to learn and is going nowhere in the near future.


This has increased the future of JAVA a lot, and so is the career scope of those involved in JAVA. Today, it is one of the most sought-after skills in the market. Every IT company or business owner wants to hire JAVA developers to add value to their business. The write once, runs anywhere feature makes JAVA an ideal programming language. Know this in-depth through the JAVA summer training program in Noida.


Many of you are uncertain about the future of JAVA due to continuous growth in technology. Let me tell you, JAVA is not going anywhere, and its future is completely safe.


Let’s look at the important points of why JAVA is one of the best programming languages and beneficial for the future.


features of java


  1. Exceptional Performance
  2. Secure and Robust
  3. Platform Independent
  4. Completely Object-Oriented
  5. Dynamic & Extensible Features
  6. Phaser Feature in JAVA
  7. Portable Language


Now, we should look at the above-given points in brief and know how this is helpful to make JAVA a language of the future.


Extraordinary Performance

JAVA is one of the best programming languages popular for its high-end performance. It has intermediate bytecodes for the JAVA virtual machine (JVM). A secret of JAVA’s high performance is the JIT Compiler (Just In Time Compiler). The compiler compiles the code on-demand basis. This significantly contributes to saving time and improving efficiency.


The speed of program execution also increases while using the JAVA programming language. It has a special design to reduce overheads during runtime. Learn how to optimize your programming and codes with our best JAVA training in Noida. Bytecodes of JAVA compilers are highly optimized which helps this language to execute the program at a much faster rate.


Robust and Secure

Talking about the usage of JAVA is a robust programming language to handle run-time errors. It has a powerful memory management system. Its main feature is the detection of errors in the code during runtime and compilation. Join JAVA training in Noida and learn more about this robust programming language. JVM never lets any run-time error pass directly to the underlying system. However, it directly terminates the program.


In addition, it is also well known for providing a secure platform. Nowadays, the threat of viruses and malicious software is rising. Here, JAVA acts perfectly by supporting the access modifiers. This language does not permit any programmer to explicitly create pointers. Moreover, the bytecode verifier also checks the code fragments to find any illegal code that violates the access right.


Platform Independent

The main objective of JAVA development is to develop a language that works on every platform. JAVA programming language allows all developers to write the JAVA program on one system. Moreover, it allows them to execute it on another system/machine. Learn the perfect method to use this programming using the best JAVA institute in Noida. JAVA attained this using the concept called BYTE code.


JAVA compiler never converts source code to machine code. Instead, it converts source code to BYTE code and translates it to machine-dependent form by JVM. In short, we can define the Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) feature to make JAVA platform-independent.


Object-Oriented Programming Language

JAVA programming is truly an object-oriented language, and it is often called pure object-oriented language. JAVA supports major OOP features, including Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. All functionalities have classes and objects and learn them from our best JAVA summer training. Without them, it is impossible to write any code in JAVA.


However, it is not a pure object-oriented programming language because it doesn’t support primitive data types. It adds several benefits to programming, including faster execution of programs, getting clear structures for the programs, and making an app reusable with a shorter development time.


Dynamic & Extensible

JAVA programming language has the features of being dynamic & extensible. It supports the dynamic loading of all the classes. It also supports its native languages. JAVA programming language is both dynamic and extensible with the help of OOPs. This provides us with the facility to add classes and new methods to the classes. Moreover, you can use it to create new classes and new methods for the classes.


Learn this using the best approach through our JAVA training in Noida. This feature of JAVA also makes it easier to expand our own classes and modify them. JAVA programming language also uses all the built-in functions of JAVA and Classes.


Phaser Feature

Phaser is the element of the JAVA concurrent package and is almost the same as CountDownLatch. But, it stands apart from it as it gives some extra features. It is a reusable synchronization barrier almost similar to CyclicBarrier but is known for supporting more flexible usage. With this, the defined number of barriers need to wait before continuing execution.

You will know about it through the training you get from our best JAVA institute in Noida. Here, we can also coordinate multiple phases of execution by reusing the phaser instance for every program phase. Every phase has a number of threads waiting to advance to another phase.



JAVA programming language is portable because you can take the JAVA bytecode to any platform. In other words, the WORA feature and platform independence add the portability feature to it. Anyone can yield the same result on any machine using this language. They need to write this code only once.


This feature lets the JAVA developers focus more on better development. Moreover, they can also enhance their productivity instead of writing codes again and again. Get additional information about it from the JAVA summer training program we offer.



From the features given above, we can efficiently conclude how JAVA will flourish in the future. Nearly 90% of devices, including smartphones, run on JAVA programs. All JAVA developers and those who are planning to make a career in JAVA can do it without any worry. This is because the future of JAVA is very bright.


Of course, after this post, you are going to learn how to start programming in the JAVA language. You can learn this from the best JAVA training in Noida. We do not believe in only providing you with the knowledge of JAVA but focusing more on practical learning.

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