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Grow your Career with CodeSquadz’s 6 Weeks Summer Training

codesquadz's 6 weeks summer training
grow your career with codesquadz’s 6 weeks summer training

In this age of intense competition, technology is constantly evolving, and so are the businesses that are using it. So students want to leverage technology to secure a job. Although, a lack of skills is a significant roadblock for them. However, they can enroll in the 6 weeks summer training program of CodeSquadz and kick-start their IT career.

The 6 weeks summer industrial training program is a great way for any student to learn & master IT technologies quickly. In addition, it will make learning code easy with industry experts to level up their IT skills.

Why is 6 Weeks of Summer Training Program Important?

CodeSquadz has launched its world-class 6 weeks of summer training certificate program. Students will learn new-age skills to ensure a bright and successful IT career. Indeed, these skills are essential because every tech recruiter is looking for a candidate with the correct IT skill set.

This training will impart new skills to students to become job-ready in today’s competitive era. Online summer training with an industry expert, work on live projects, 100% placement assistance, online & offline classes, courses at an affordable price, etc., are the unique features of this summer training.

A graduate student in B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Sc, M.Sc, BCA, MCA, or any other relevant tech field can enroll in this 6 weeks summer training certificate program. It enhances the knowledge of pioneering technologies.

What programs are covered in the 6 weeks summer industrial training of CodeSquadz?

Nowadays, it is important for every student to be well-versed in using technology. CodeSquadz’s 6 weeks summer training program is undeniably a great option. In addition, many career-focused training programs available are given below.

S. No. Course NameDuration Fees
1.Java Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 7,000
2.Python Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 7,000
3.MERN Stack Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 7,000
4.React JS Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 6,000
5.Front End Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 7,000
6.MEAN Stack Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 7,000
7.Java Full Stack Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 10,000
8.Python Full Stack Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 10,000
9.Data Science with Python Summer Training6 WeeksRs. 7,000

These training programs cover numerous technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, etc.

Why should I enroll in this summer training of CodeSquadz?

Undeniably, summer IT training is essential to let a student gain practical knowledge. With a curriculum designed by industry experts, this training is crucial for students looking to kick-start their IT careers. This online summer training is essential because it helps students become an expert at coding.

Therefore, many students enroll in CodeSquadz’s training to begin learning from experts and augment their IT careers by sharpening their skills. However, some students still want to know the best 6-week summer industrial training institute. They need to know that CodeSquadz is one of the leading institutes when it comes to providing summer industrial training.

Features of CodeSquadz’s 6 weeks summer industrial training program

A few of the crucial features of the 6 weeks industrial training certificate program are:

Level-up the Tech Skills – Getting a job to join the current IT workforce is not easy. Today, every student needs to focus on augmenting career-oriented tech skills. Our summer IT training focuses on improving the tech using a practical learning approach.

Get Practical Knowledge – Nowadays, theoretical knowledge is insufficient for a student to secure an IT job. Therefore, the 6 weeks summer training program of CodeSquadz focuses on working on live projects. These projects enhance the tech skills of the students and make them future-ready.

Receive a Certificate of Choice – Presently, a student needs to have a powerful resume. Here, the best way is to add a summer training certificate from CodeSquadz. This training will certify that a student has completed IT training and possesses the mandatory skills.

Build a Professional Network – Talking about IT training, it is vital to know that it helps expand or make a professional network. This network consists of professionals in the relevant field. This network will assist a student in getting an IT job of their choice.

Get 100% Placement Assistance – The 6 weeks summer industrial training of CodeSquadz help every student to get an IT job through its 100% placement assistance. This assistance is crucial for every student so they can begin their IT career under the guidance of the placement support team.

Boost Research Experience – Research is vital for businesses in this competitive age. Therefore, recruiters hire those students with intense research skills. With the 6 weeks summer industrial training at CodeSquadz, a student will learn how to use the internet to research thoroughly and without any problem.

Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How this summer training can sharpen my IT skills?

A student aspiring to kick-start their IT career should enroll in the 6 weeks summer industrial training program. This program will assist a student in getting real-time work experience through live projects and gaining a globally-recognized certification after completing this summer training.

2. Is it costly to join CodeSquadz’s summer industrial training?

No, it is not costly to join the 6 weeks summer industrial training program. As one of the leading IT training institutes, CodeSquadz offers attractive discounts on IT training programs, which makes joining it affordable.

3. What to do to get more details about the summer training programs?

A student may have more doubts about the 6 weeks summer training program of CodeSquadz. Now, students can call the admission counselors using 78-79-33-22-11. Moreover, there is a live chat option that enables a student to get a real-time solution or send an email to or visit our official website. 

4. Who are the mentors for the Summer Training Programs?

The mentors for the Summer Training Programs at CodeSquadz are Mr. Manish Bhatia (20+ years of experience) and Mr. Tanay Kishore Mishra (25+ years of experience).