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Why Should You Learn React JS for Full Stack Development?

react js internship
react js internship

Have you ever wondered how some web apps are able to display a great UI and attract a large audience on the Internet?


If so, chill; you are not alone. Many developers are thinking about the same.

These developers are using React JS because of its strong community and its simple-to-use feature.


In this competitive age, there are many frameworks available for developers. However, the best one among them is React.js which is suitable for building interactive user interfaces and web apps. You can master it with the React JS internship program we offer.


In this blog, we will share insights into what React is and why it is necessary to learn this language for Full stack development.


The first thing always comes first, so let’s get started with the basics of what React JS is.


What is React JS?


React is an open-source JavaScript framework that was developed by Facebook in 2013. This framework is crucial for the development of interactive and engaging UI. It expedites the process of the development of efficient user interfaces (UIs).


At present, 500+ companies are using this JavaScript framework. React ensures that the code becomes reusable and its performance increases every day. A primary role of this framework is to handle the view layer of a web app. Despite dealing with the user interfaces (UIs) as a single unit, it is useful because developers can segregate these complex user interfaces (UIs) into single reusable components that are useful for developing the entire UI.


Features of React JS


This framework has various features which many developers use in the development of great web applications and complex UIs. Some of the crucial features are given here.


  1. JavaScript XML files:-  React is an easy-to-learn framework because it uses JSX files to make an application easy to understand. JSX files make code easy to understand and understandable to both humans and machines.
  2. Components in React:-  The components of this framework are independent and reusable bits of code, and each one of them has its own logic. It is also helpful for the maintenance of code when working on live projects.
  3. Virtual Document Object Model:- It represents a web page as a tree structure and works as one-way data binding. It assists in rendering the entire UI in virtual DOM representation for any modification.
  4. Many extensions:-  React.js is well-known for having many extensions useful for developing full-fledged UI apps. However, these features are necessary for making it simple using the code reusability feature.


Now, let’s look at what full-stack development is and move further in our blog post.


What is full stack development?


Full stack development is web development or end-to-end software development that includes both the front and back ends of a website. Here, the front end consists of a user interface (UI) that is visible to a user. Moreover, the back end takes care of the business logic and workflow of the application.


You can become adept at this development through our Full Stack development training program. Become a full-stack developer and single-handedly implement both frontend and backend workflows.


Why should you learn React JS for Full stack development?


It is one of the leading frameworks that provide a quick and easy learning curve. It enables all developers to accomplish their projects within a deadline. Moreover, it has many other benefits that are given below.


Easy to learn


React is one of the easiest languages recognized throughout the globe. However, it is simple to learn only when you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript. It can be one of the prime reasons for React to gain a lot of popularity since its development. It is simple because a novice programmer can also learn it within a few days.




React.js is a framework that is known for its flexibility because it can be sprinkled into apps through its code. It allows flexible adaptation of complex solutions as per the client’s requirement. In addition, you only need to learn React once and use it on many platforms. React is helpful in generating static site tools along with the development of desktop applications.


Get code scalability


All codes are completely scalable when you use React JS for web development. With this scalability, it follows a downward data flow. Moreover, it ensures that the parent structure should not be impacted when there is any modification in the coding of the child structure. 


SEO Compatible


React is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, facilitates quick rendering, and reduces the web page loading time. That makes a business earn more revenue than necessary. Moreover, it improves the ranking of a business in Google’s SERP, which is a cornerstone to ensure the growth of a business in this competitive age.


Community Support


React.js framework has robust community support throughout the world. There are many developers who share their thoughts online in the form of documents and text. It improves the performance of React JS in this competitive world. This framework always ensures that React grows tremendously and works better for various businesses.


React code reusability


All React developers can leverage the reusable components of this framework while developing applications. It provides a short and reusable chunk of HTML code that can be used anywhere. Here, this reusability of code offers all developers to build responsive web page designs. You can access code reusability features with our React JS internship program.


In addition, it also provides other benefits like faster debugging, work for both iOS and Android, development of dynamic web pages, etc.


React JS Training


There is considerable scope for anyone who completes the React JS training, especially from CodeSquadz, a professional training institute. CodeSquadz has a team of experts who can teach you from scratch in the React JS training and certification course & allow you to become a true professional that gets a high salary.


Using our Full Stack development training program, you can step into the IT world by becoming a ReactJS developer, full stack developer, and MERN developer.


Bottom Line


The popularity of React is improving day by day and because it provides splendid results. Undeniably, it is an excellent tool for creating outstanding mobile and web applications. It is one of the most sought-after JavaScript libraries. You can become adept at it through our React JS online training program. Here, you will be able to learn from scratch to advance level.


Seeing its huge success, many companies are using React JS for web development and building great mobile applications. It will help you to unlock new possibilities and take your career to the next level.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get a certificate after completing the React.js course from CodeSquadz?


Yes, you will receive a globally-recognized certificate after completing the React.js course from CodeSquadz. This certificate will help you get a respectable job and provide more weightage on your resume.


What are the benefits of the React JS certification course?


One of the primary benefits of completing our React JS certification course is its simplicity of learning and efficiency of implementation. Moreover, it allows a student to get placed in MNC at a respectable salary with easily scalable codes. In addition, this framework is SEO-compatible with robust community support.


Which institute is best for the React JS program?


CodeSquadz is one of the leading institutes to learn the React.js program. You can enhance your knowledge of React JS using our exclusive program.


Why do we use React JS for web development?


This framework is notable and well-known for developing interactive user interfaces (UIs) and web apps quickly. It is used to create efficient apps using less codes; moreover, codes are also reusable and can be easily scaled.


Why choose CodeSquadz to learn React.js full stack development?

Choosing CodeSquadz is preferable to learn React.js and march towards success. In addition, you can learn React at a nominal fee and learn directly from an industry expert with live project training.

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