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Spring Boot and Microservices Training

The entire world is moving digital, and so are all businesses. To make a place in the digital ecosystem, they are using applications (including both simple and complex applications). They use updated technology to develop these applications. For this, Spring Boot and Microservices training is useful as it equips you with the desired training. Here, Spring Boot is useful for creating production-grade and Spring-based applications. Moreover, Microservices are useful for building complex applications.


When anyone uses Spring Boot with Microservices, it provides a powerful combination for developing and maintaining highly available applications. CodeSquadz is a leading IT training institute providing Spring Boot and Microservices training from an industry expert at an affordable fee.


What is Spring Boot?


Spring Boot is an open-source framework for developing a production-ready environment. It has various features, including auto-configuration and opinionated dependencies. It is well-known for helping developers build applications quickly without losing on preparing the spring application.


What are Microservices?


Microservices is an architectural style for developing large applications through small and independent services. It can be written in many programming languages using many technologies. Microservices in Java are built using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud framework.


Things you will learn in our Spring Boot and Microservices training


Spring Core 


  1. Spring Framework 
  2. Dependency Injection Java Example 
  3. Spring Dependency Injection 
  4. Spring AOP Example 
  5. Spring AOP Method Profiling
  6. Spring IoC Container and Spring Bean Example   
  7. Spring Bean Scopes 
  8. Spring Bean Autowiring Example 
  9. Spring Bean Life Cycle 
  10. Spring 5 
  11. Spring WebFlux 
  12. Spring Data JPA 


Spring Annotations


  1. Spring @Bean 
  2. Spring @Service 
  3. Spring @Component
  4. Spring @RestController 
  5. Spring @Controller 
  6. Spring @Repository 
  7. Spring @Configuration 
  8. Spring @Value 
  9. Spring @PropertySource 
  10. Spring @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy 
  11. Spring @Async 


Spring Boot  


  1. Spring Boot @SpringBootApplication, SpringApplication Class 
  2. Spring Boot REST 
  3. Spring Boot MongoDB 
  4. Spring Boot Redis Cache 
  5. Spring Boot Elasticsearch 
  6. Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints 
  7. Spring Boot CLI Example and Initializr Web Interface


Spring MVC (Model–view–presenter)


  1. Spring MVC   for Beginners with Spring Tool Suite 
  2. Spring MVC Example 
  3. Spring Restful Web Service Example with JSON 
  4. Spring REST XML and JSON 
  5. Spring RestTemplate 
  6. Spring MVC File Upload Example
  7. Spring MVC Internationalization and Localization Example 
  8. Spring MVC Form Validation Example 
  9. Spring MVC Exception Handling 
  10. Spring MVC Interceptors Example 
  11. Spring MVC RequestMapping Example 
  12. Spring Session Management 
  13. Spring MVC Gradle Example


Spring Batch  


  1. Spring Batch:-  Spring Batch allows us to easily process a large number of records by creating batches. This article explains what spring batch is, its architecture, and when to use spring batch application.
  2. Spring Batch Example:-  This explains how to create a spring batch project to process large CSV files. 


Spring JDBC  


  1. Spring DataSource JNDI with Tomcat Example 
  2. Spring Transaction Management Example with JDBC 
  3. Spring JdbcTemplate 


Spring Integration 


  1. Spring JSF Integration Example   
  2. Primefaces Spring & Hibernate Integration Example   
  3. PrimeFaces Hibernate SpringRoo Integration Example 


Spring Messaging


  1. Spring AMQP
  2. Spring RabbitMQ
  3. Spring RabbitMQ Example
  4. Spring ActiveMQ 




  1. Evolution Of MicroServices
  2. What are MicroServices
  3. A honeyComb Analogy
  4. Principles Of MicroServices
  5. Characteristics Of Microservices
  6. Monolithic architecture overview
  7. Limitations of Monolithic Architecture
  8. Solution with MicroServices
  9. Microservices relationship with SOA & Twelve-Factor apps
  10. MicroServices use cases
  11. MicroServices Benefits
  12. Designing Service service Communication
  13. Synchronous Stye Communication
  14. Asynchronous Stye Communication
  15. MicroService Per JVM
  16. User interfaces in microservices
  17. Microservices challenges
  18. The microservices capability model
  19. Microservices Evolution


A Case Study Understanding the NovelHealthCare Application


  1. Microservices Target Architecture
  2. The internal layering of microservices and orchestration of microservices
  3. MicroServices With SpringBoot
  4. Setting up a development environment
  5. Microservices best Practices and Common Principles

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