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Java Training in Noida with IT Company


Java is one of the most useful programming languages having a robust community of millions of users. Every student wants to learn and master Java development skills to become a new-age developer. Thus, they want to enroll in career-focused Java training to kick-start their IT career. Here, they can join the Java weekend batch to learn Java with an industry expert with the perk of getting a globally recognized certificate of completion.

What are Java and Spring Boot with Microservices?

Many aspiring students want to become masters in using IT skills. Learning this language helps in the coding of webpages and mobile applications. You can use it to create highly available mobile applications having advanced technology. Before choosing our batch here you will learn the Java and Spring Boot with Microservices concepts of the below-mentioned programming language, framework, and architecture.

What is Java?

Java is a widely-used advanced programming language for the coding of web applications. It is useful as it comes with various features, including being easy-to-use, simple to learn, and having a vast library. Moreover, this programming language has a robust community with millions of coders. It is popular because it is a high-level and object-oriented programming language that supports billions of devices.

What is Spring Boot?

Develop stand-alone & production-grade applications which require little configuration. It provides a roadmap for an easier and faster way to develop & run a web-based application. This framework is important because it simplifies integration with other Java frameworks and has a significant reduction in cost and app development time.


What are Microservices?

Microservices is an architectural and organizational approach for software development. It always makes app development easier to scale and faster to develop. Moreover, it provides them with an opportunity to faster time to market. It is a cloud-native approach to developing a web-based mobile application.

Things you will learn in our Java weekend batch

This batch is designed by the subject matter experts considering your IT career growth. Following are the important concepts covered in this weekend batch.


  1. Introduction to JAVA and its concepts
  2. Language Fundamentals
  3. Flow Controls
  4. OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming System)
  5. Packages and Arrays
  6. String Handling and Garbage Collection
  7. AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit)
  8. Multi-Threading
  9. Networking & Reflection
  10. Advance Topics
  11. Advance Threading
  12. JAVA Platform Module System
  13. J2EE and JDBC
  14. Servlet, JSP, AJAX and JSON
  15. Web Services (JAX-WS)
  16. Rest Full Services (JAX-RS)
  17. Mail API, XML, and Design Patterns 

Spring Core

  • Spring Framework 
  • Dependency Injection Java Example 
  • Spring Dependency Injection 
  • Spring AOP Example 
  • Spring AOP Method Profiling
  • Spring IoC Container and Spring Bean Example   
  • Spring Bean Scopes 
  • Spring Bean Autowiring Example 
  • Spring Bean Life Cycle 
  • Spring 5 
  • Spring WebFlux 
  • Spring Data JPA 

Spring Annotations

  • Spring @Bean 
  • Spring @Service 
  • Spring @Component
  • Spring @RestController 
  • Spring @Controller 
  • Spring @Repository 
  • Spring @Configuration 
  • Spring @Value 
  • Spring @PropertySource 
  • Spring @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy 
  • Spring @Async 

Spring Boot

  • Spring Boot @SpringBootApplication, SpringApplication Class 
  • Spring Boot REST 
  • Spring Boot MongoDB 
  • Spring Boot Redis Cache 
  • Spring Boot Elasticsearch 
  • Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints 
  • Spring Boot CLI Example and Initializr Web Interface 

Spring MVC (Model–view–presenter)

  • Spring MVC   for Beginners with Spring Tool Suite 
  • Spring MVC Example 
  • Spring Restful Web Service Example with JSON 
  • Spring REST XML and JSON 
  • Spring RestTemplate 
  • Spring MVC File Upload Example
  • Spring MVC Internationalization and Localization Example 
  • Spring MVC Form Validation Example 
  • Spring MVC Exception Handling 
  • Spring MVC Interceptors Example 
  • Spring MVC RequestMapping Example 
  • Spring Session Management 
  • Spring MVC Gradle Example

Spring Batch   

Spring Batch permits us to easily process a large number of records by creating batches. 
Spring Batch Example -  This explains how to create a spring batch project to process large CSV files. 

Spring JDBC  

  • Spring DataSource JNDI with Tomcat Example 
  • Spring Transaction Management Example with JDBC 
  • Spring JdbcTemplate 

Spring Integration

  • Spring JSF Integration Example   
  • Primefaces Spring & Hibernate Integration Example   
  • PrimeFaces Hibernate SpringRoo Integration Example 

Spring Messaging

  • Spring AMQP
  • Spring RabbitMQ
  • Spring RabbitMQ Example
  • Spring ActiveMQ 


  • Evolution Of MicroServices
  • What are MicroServices
  • A honeyComb Analogy
  • Principles Of MicroServices
  • Characteristics Of Microservices
  • Monolithic architecture overview
  • Limitations of Monolithic Architecture
  • Solution with MicroServices
  • Microservices relationship with SOA & Twelve-Factor apps
  • MicroServices use cases
  • MicroServices Benefits
  • Designing Service Service Communication
  • Synchronous Stye Communication
  • Asynchronous Stye Communication
  • MicroService Per JVM
  • User interfaces in microservices
  • Microservices challenges
  • The microservices capability model
  • Microservices Evolution

A Case Study Understanding the NovelHealthCare Application

  • Microservices Target Architecture
  • The internal layering of microservices and orchestration of microservices
  • MicroServices With SpringBoot
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Microservices Best Practices and Common Principles


You can get in touch with our admission counselor(s) by calling 78-79-33-22-11 and +91-9717279566. In addition, you can send an email to enquiry@codesquadz.com to resolve your queries regarding our new Java weekend batch.


Java Internship by Manish Bhatia


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