MERN STACK Weekend Batch

MERN Stack Weekend Batch July 2023
Timing: 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

MERN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS) is the most popular stack in this competitive age. Many brands use this open-source and highly useful JAVA technology stack. Therefore, they hire candidates for the position of MERN stack developer having complete knowledge of MERN stack. At present, many students or IT job aspirants are completely aware of this factor. 


Therefore, businesses hire candidates with complete MERN full-stack developer course training. These candidates must have all the necessary skills under the guidance of an industry expert. CodeSquadz is a popular IT training institute providing proper training for using the MERN stack development. Any student who is completing or has already completed graduation in IT can complete this course.


MERN stack technology is tremendously helpful because it is user-friendly, quick, and attractive. Therefore, the significance of the MERN stack training in noida is increasing continuously. It assists in developing data-driven applications using an easy-to-use writing and deployment of the code. This is one of the most popular technology stacks, which is known for its speed and usefulness.


What is the MERN Stack Training Course at CodeSquadz?

CodeSquadz is a great institute in Noida to learn some leading IT courses. The MERN stack online course we provide enables a business to develop a quick and robust application. Our MERN stack course is completely based on marketing trends and assists anyone in getting a respectable job in the IT sector.


Our MERN stack developer course training is a special program that provides hands-on learning experience through live projects. It provides training to master all skills related to the MERN stack development for building data-driven applications. This best MERN stack course is useful for getting the necessary technical skills. Moreover, anyone joining CodeSquadz will get dedicated placement support, career guidance, and live project training.


Features of MERN Stack Online Training

It is a well-known fact that CodeSquadz is a leading MERN stack  training in Noida. It offers valuable learning about using the MERN stack development technology and offers the following features:


  • Provides the MERN stack training by industry experts.
  • Offer dedicated placement support for student assistance.
  • Clear all your relevant doubts from our regular training sessions.
  • Use an easy learning method to learn all the concepts of MERN stack training.
  • Live project training to sharpen all your MERN skills to build a robust app.


MERN Stack Course Training Syllabus

We have a special MERN stack course that was designed by our industry experts by following the market trends. This future-ready course lets you get a great and a high-paying job.


  • JAVAScript (ES-5 and ES-6)
    - Basic JAVAScript
    - Intervals and Objects
    - Prototype, Hosting, and Closure
    - Map, Filter, Template Literals, Reduce


  • TypeScript
    - Basic of TypeScript
    - Why TypeScript
    - Classes of JS
    - Interfaces
  • ReactJS
    - Definition of ReactJS
    - What is SPA?
    - Merits and Demerits
    - Prominent Features
  • Features of ReactJS
    - React Concepts
    - JSX and TSX
    - Dynamic Data Rendering
    - Property Binding
  • LifeCycle Hook Components
    - Basic Understanding of the Topic
    - Advance Understanding of LifeCycle Hook
    - All LifeCycle Hooks
  • Network Call and Custom Services
    - Fetch and Axios
    - Custom Services Introduction
    - Building a Service
  • Routing with React Router
    - Setting up React Router
    - Working with Nested Routes
    - Link and NavLink
    - Redirect Routes
  • Introduction to Redux
    - Why choose Redux
    - Install and Setup
    - Dispatcher and High Order Components
    - Advance Redux
  • NodeJS
    - Introduction to NodeJS
    - Modules in NodeJS
    - Tour on NPM
    - Installing 3rd Party Modules
  • ExpressJS
    - Introduction and Setup
    - Web Browser Building
    - Response Codes and Headers
    - Express App Generator
  • Routing
    - Routing Methods and Paths
    - Route Handlers
    - Express Router
    - Parameterized Routes
  • MongoDB
    - Introduction to MongoDB
    - CRUD Operations
    - Updating and Deleting Documents
    - Limit and Order By
  • MERN App Deployment
    - Planning Application
    - Building App
    - Launching or Deployment


To obtain more details about our MERN stack developer course, download a detailed syllabus or get in touch with CodeSquadz today, dial +91-7879332211 or send an email at our official email address enquiry@codesquadz.com

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You will Get:

  • Live Project Training
  • Problem Solving Session
  • IT Company Exp. Certificate
  • Knowledge of AWS
  • Placement Assistance
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