Internship 21 November 2022

Java Training with IT Company

Are you looking for the best JAVA course in Noida? CodeSquadz is a perfect institute to accomplish the goal of learning this fantastic programming language. Nowadays, millions of businesses use JAVA, and they are on a constant hunt for new talent to develop web apps using the JAVA programming language. Therefore, JAVA is the language that is crucial for any business to ensure success in this competitive world. CodeSquadz provides this as a dedicated course that is valuable to every student. This is the best JAVA training institute in Noida, having a great faculty to use impressive teaching concepts. It makes it possible for every student to complete JAVA course training and become professional in using this technology.


This course is available for everyone at a very reasonable cost and allows them to learn precious things about it. Moreover, CodeSquadz allows every student to learn the JAVA programming language to get hands-on experience in learning new things. It is a prominent educational institute providing the best JAVA training in Noida using the latest technologies and practical work approach.

What is JAVA?

JAVA is the programming language used by millions of businesses to operate their online assets. It is basically a high-level and object-oriented programming language released for the first time by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It has a greater utility as it contributes substantially in improving the performance of the online assets. It is helpful in providing a suitable environment to all developers so they can build remarkable technology using JAVA.


About our JAVA Training Course

Our JAVA training is helpful for building knowledge among all students. They can become adept in the development of apps with the JAVA programming language.


Core JAVA (J2SE) is one of the terms used by Sun Microsystems, which is used for developing general-purpose applications. Core JAVA is the base without which it is not possible to develop any advanced JAVA application. CodeSquadz is the best JAVA Training institute in Noida, allowing its students to learn notable things about Core JAVA. Our expert faculty allow all students to use Core JAVA programming to learn the theoretical concepts using the practical learning approach we use in our classes.

Advance Java

Advance JAVA is also a notable part of the JAVA programming language used for the development of the website and mobile application. This part of the programming language uses a two-tier architecture. You can learn JAVA programming (advance) using the best JAVA training in Noida we offer. Learn the most in-demand skills and place yourself as a driver of growth of the online assets. Advance JAVA is an important part of Core with the Advance JAVA course we offer.


MongoDB is a database management program that is completely open-source. It was designed to store large amounts of data. It was released in 2009. MongoDB is well-known for providing the official driver support for famous programming languages, including C/C++, C#, Go, JAVA, Python, and many more. MongoDB gives you a master server on which you can create many other servers.

Things you will be learning in our JAVA training course

1. Introduction to JAVA.

2. JAVA programming language fundamentals.

3. OOPs.

4. Packages & Arrays.

5. Garbage Collection.

6. Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT).

7. Multi-Threading.

8. Networking & Reflection.

9. Advance Threading.

10. JAVA platform module system.

11. Collection and Date/Male API.

12. JAVA database connectivity (JDBC) and J2EE.

13. Servlet, AJAX, JSP and RMI.

14. Rest Full Services (JAX-RS) and Web Services (JAX-WS).

15. XML and Design Patterns.

16. Understanding Hibernate and its Architecture.
17. Using Hibernate to Perform Basic Persistent Operations.

18. Working With Hibernate To Perform Basic CRUD Operations.

19. Using Persistent Objects.

20. Hibernate Inheritance

21. Working With Collections.

22. Hibernate Annotations.

23. Hibernate Batch Processing.

24. Hibernate Event.

25. Hibernate Interceptors.

26. Hibernate   Filter.

27. Hibernate Query Language.

28. Named Queries.

29. Using Native SQL.

30. MVC application with Hibernate.

31. Stored Procedure with Hibernate.

32. Hibernate With Maven.

33. Hibernate Validator.

34. Hibernate – Caching.

35. Hibernate Java Config.

36. Hibernate DBCP Pooling.

38. Hibernate c3p0 Pooling.

39. MongoDB (Introduction to advance level)

40. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

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You will Get:

  • Live Project Training
  • Problem Solving Session
  • IT Company Exp. Certificate
  • Knowledge of AWS
  • Placement Assistance
  • 24x7 Support