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Transform yourself from a novice to a digital marketing specialist with our best courses. Our unmatchable course contains useful modules in digital marketing. It includes SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, etc. With the knowledge of all its core concepts and basic training, you can become a perfect digital marketer. So, do you want to finish your digital marketing course at the best institute? Learn it from one of the best institutes, CodeSquadz. The unmatchable curriculum of our course is also one of the best factors to make our course a unique one.


Become industry-ready with the latest tools to enhance your digital marketing efforts. Moreover, we will teach you the correct method to improve your website ranking. Once you successfully finish our digital marketing course in Noida, you will become eligible to get our job assistance program. Do you know why people choose our Online digital marketing courses? Because we believe in providing education to all. Thus, any graduate or post-Graduate can enroll in our exclusive digital marketing training in Noida.

Know More About Our Best Digital Marketing Course

We are a unique institute offering training for a digital marketing certification course. This certification is important as this is documentation of your skillset. In addition to this, our course has a special feature in which its curriculum was designed by industry experts. This curriculum includes the most important modules which every digital marketer must know. Those who want to learn this special form of marketing can enroll in our digital marketing course. We will provide you with the essential skills to form a dynamic online marketing strategy.


This course will also give you a comprehensive knowledge of the core concepts of digital marketing. Our online digital marketing courses are also available at a very affordable amount. Thus, we can fulfill our commitment to make online marketing education accessible to all. Learning digital marketing is a significant step to giving your career wings with our precise education. Thus, enroll in our best digital marketing institute in Noida and take a big leap in your digital marketing career scope.

Job Roles After Your Digital Marketing Course

Learning to create a dynamic digital marketing strategy is one of the best features of our online digital marketing courses. This will help you to become a reliable resource for a company and you will also get to know about digital marketing trends. Following are the important positions that you get as a digital marketer:


  1. Digital Marketing Executive or Specialist

  2. Digital Analyst Executive or Sr. Executive

  3. PPC/Google Ads/SEM Executive

  4. Social Media Expert/Executive/Strategist

  5. Content Marketer Specialist or Executive

  6. SEO Executive/Specialist/Analyst

  7. mCommerce Executive or Affiliate Marketer

  8. Email Marketing or Lead Generation Executive


Fact Table: Digital marketing industry is booming and will be more than $350 billion in 2023, with the average salary of a digital marketer is 4.2 LPA (beginners).

Program Curriculum with Dynamic Marketing Strategies and Tools


Fundamentals of Marketing

  1. The journey from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing
  2. Future scope of digital marketing in India

 Customer Centricity

  1. How are people going online?

 What is digital marketing?

  1. What is marketing?

  2. What is digital?

 How to do digital marketing?

  1. Awareness 

  2. Consideration

  3. The Process

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. On page

  2. Off-page

  3. Technical SEO

  4. Multiple Factors to rank in SERPs

  5. Levels of SEO

  6. Sitemap 

  7. Robots.txt

SMO (Search Engine Marketing)

  1. Branding 

  2. How do algorithms work?

  3. SMO techniques 

  4. Use/ Importance of Tags

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

  1. Building Brand awareness 

  2. Effective GMB strategy

SEM (Search engine Marketing)

  1. Results on SERPs Ads 

  2. Technical elements

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

  1. Paid Campaigns

  2. Overview of ad placements PPC

 Email Marketing

  1. Commercial Marketing 

  2. Myths

  3. Process

  4. Benefits of email marketing

 Affiliate Marketing

  1. How to do affiliate marketing?

  2. Affiliate Networks ( Domestic/ International )

 Influencer Marketing

  1. Influencer Marketing Strategies 

  2. Management


  1. Overview 

  2. Why must you do Copywriting?

 Copywriting vs. content writing

  1. Understanding Difference

 Content Marketing

  1. Creating of content 

  2. Distribution of content

  3. Types of content marketing and platforms

  4. Finding Your niche

 Blog Creation

  1. Setup WordPress blog

  2. Plugins 

  3. Optimization a post 

  4. Settings


  1. Google Analytics 

  2. Google Search Console (webmaster)

  3. Live project setup and optimization


  1. Basic criteria (Overview) to be eligible for Google AdSense

 Google ads

  1. Setup 

  2. Ad optimization 

  3. Concepts of paid marketing 

  4. Google Tag Manager

 Facebook ads

  1. Setup 

  2. Concepts 

  3. Ad's Image Creations

 Video Marketing

  1. Basics of Creation of videos 

  2. Optimization 

  3. How to shoot a video for advertisements

 Automation Tools

  1. Hootsuite

  2. Hub spot etc.

 Google Certification

  1. Overview

  2. How to achieve a google certificate from Google

Digital Marketing Introduction in Hindi

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